Welwyn Garden City Schools Photographic Competition 2020

The Competition is now closed

Welwyn Garden City Photographic Club

In conjunction with the

Welwyn Garden City Centenary  Foundation and the Schools of Welwyn Garden City



 Photos must be taken by the single student entering the competition. ( See terms and conditions )

No information is stored on this website.

You must be a full-time or a visiting part-time student at one of Welwyn Garden City’s Schools in the drop down list below to enter.

A maximum of 1 entry per student.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that on completion of  sending  in your photo you will receive an email confirmation. Please check that the information is correct and reply to the email if it is not.  If you do not get a confirmation email please contact Admin at the address below.

If you are having problems uploading please email:  Admin