Hello and Welcome 

2020 is the Welwyn Garden City Centenary.

2020 is the final year of the competition.


The Competition is now closed


Below are a random selection of entries from the previous 3 years. Can you do better?

Misty Wolfhounds by Freya Carnell - 2nd - KS3,4 and 5 - 2017 Stanborough School

Spring in the Garden City by Eleanor Spruce - 2nd - KS1 2017- Templewood School

Leaving by Jasmine Ward - 1st - KS3,4 and 5 - 2017 Monks Walk School

Wheat Factory by Olivia Brett - HC - KS2 2017 - Oaklands School

2nd KS2 2018 - Karate by Tabitha Greenwood - St Michael's School. Woolmer Green

3rd KS2 2018 - Try! by Sonny Slark - Templewood School

Reflection by Freya Carnell. Stanborough School 1st - KS4-5 2018

1st KS3 2018 - Reach for your Dreams by Brooke Louise Rolph - Monk's Walk School

2nd KS4-5 2018 - Smile by Mia Wallace - Stanborough School

HC KS2 2018 - Need for speed by Leo De Silva - St Michael's School. Woolmer Green

Note by Lauren Sanders. HC KS3 2019 Stanborough School

Knock knock whos there by Theodore Basra. 1st KS2 2019 Commonswood School

Dinner by Neave Thackeray. HC KS2 2019 Commonswood School

Real life by Safia Taylor. 3rd KS3 2019 Ridgeway Academy

Dragonfly bikes by Ben Casserley. 2nd KS3 2019 Ridgeway Academy